Training Services

Aurastar offers training services, often in conjunction with other planning or design activities in which it is engaged.

That sometimes equates to training clients of Aurastar’s clients in technologies relevant to a given product or service.

Aurastar will develop a course on a relevant topic, and present it on-site when such an approach is cost effective for the client.

For example where a large equipment supplier is the primary Aurastar client, on-site may be multiple locations of their clients.

Historically, Aurastar wireless communications courses were developed around standards such as IS-95 (CDMA), GSM, or industry guidelines. Digital communications theory fits in the latter category.

Satellite Communications courses have been built around both FCC and ITU requirements documents, and included link analysis, adjacent satellite interference, and other topics.

Regulatory courses addressed the FCC rules, and the inter-relationships of the FCC with the NTIA and the ITU.